Submission Guidelines

Our next issue will come out in autumn, something to keep in mind with your submissions. 

Hobo Camp Review is a tucked-away place where any writer, poet, artist, or storyteller can rest their weary feet and share a tale over a crackling fire. Travelers and transients of all backgrounds and styles are welcomed, but your story doesn't have to be about the road or traveling (although we do love that). It can be about anything at all, so long as it has a sense of vagrancy, a little sparkle and a little dust, shadows and angles, something that sounds good by the firelight with a train calling in the distance. Be original. Be honest. Be from anywhere. Be going somewhere. Be on the move. Remember what happens in between and tell us all about it. 

How to Submit:
1) Please submit just once per issue. Starting in 2018, we will publish two issues a year, in spring and autumn.

2) Please, no attachments (unless it is art or photos). Place work in the body of the email.

3) Please send up to four poems at a time, or one story/essay/travelogue. Or a combo of both.

4) Regarding prose: the shorter the better. We love flash, and we typically don't publish anything over 1,500 words.

5) We'd love to publish your book reviews, interviews, etc. Please query first.

6) We're delighted to accept offers to review your books, but we can't guarantee a review will appear in HCR even if we accept, for a multitude of reasons. Time, taste, and temperament are all factors at play here.

7) Please no simultaneous submissions, and we no longer accept previously published work. Give us a new adventure!

8) While there's no payment, we try to give out cash awards to the best piece in an issue when we're able to do so. This happens at irregular intervals.

9) Please allow at least two months to pass before checking in with us again. We promise to respond to every single submission, regardless of acceptance or rejection, so hold tight. If we miss you in the night, our apologies. Remind us and we'll take a look.

10) Please title your submission “Submission–Your Name” and send to to hobocampreview [at] gmail [dot] com.  Include a short bio and any links to your website/blog. Please keep bios brief. We reserve the right to shorten bios.

Legal Notification: Upon publication in Hobo Camp Review, all rights revert to the author. However, Hobo Camp Review reserves the right to publish your submitted material in any future print version of the review. If your work was published in Hobo Camp Review first and is republished elsewhere, please mention us. That's awful kind of ya.

All work displayed at Hobo Camp Review is copyrighted, so don’t get sticky fingers or we’ll turn you in at the next town. We're serious. A hobo with a grudge and a lot of time on his hands isn't something you want to deal with.

Guidelines are subject to change, so check back now and then. Thanks for stopping by the Camp, and we'll see you on the road…


The views and opinions expressed throughout belong to the individual artists and may or may not coincide with those of the other artists (or editors) represented within the magazine. Hobo Camp Review supports a free-for-all atmosphere of artistic expression, so enjoy the poetry, fiction, opinions, and artwork within, read with an open mind, and comment wisely. Thanks for stopping by the Camp!